For the Information of the art lovers, and not only, the following events are programmed:



The project Art Walk sponsored by Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation, has placed 20 paintings in prominent displays of shops in the city center with 2 guided tours for the public




In the context of the parallel projects at the Open Art Lab of TIF-HELEXPO during 5th-16th November there will be na exhibition titled “I Feel Asleep on the Backseat” curated by the Artist Aris Stoidis.



    A special feature to Leukadios Hern (Giakomo Koizumi



Friday 23rd November at 18:00 in pavilion 9 the Philosophy professor of the New York College Giannis Fikas will present a lecture titled “Symbolic elements in the works of Leukadiou Hern” the of Greek decent artist known with the Japanese name Giakomo Koizumi


Earlier at 17:00 in the space of pavilion 9 the artist Vena Naskrecka will present a performance with the topic of the importance of women's hair in Japanese culture, inspired by Leukadios Hern (Giakomo Koizumi).

  At pavilion 9 and at a special formed space a 40 minute looping movie will be projected with the theme “The Irascible of Color”. Based on an idea of Takis Efstathiou implemented by the fim director Giannis Katomeris and is about the work of the nationally renowned painter Theodoros Stamos.
  In the same pavilion in another space a video animation titled “In the age of the 3d reproduction” by Babis Venetopoulos, assistant professor at the Fine Arts University of Thessaloniki, will be played.
  At the same pavilion project “Railway on Iron” of professor Xenis Saxinis of the Univerity of Fine Arts will be presented.
  A surprise awaits you on the floor at pavilion 10, where project “Egg” will be installed – a mosaic created by the works of 42 renowned artists.
    Programmed are also a series of events such as:



Thursday 22nd November at 17:00 the young music band Percussionistas, that uses instruments made of recycled materials, will preform. After the end of the exhibition they will continue with a walk accompanied by music in the central streets of the City.


On the same day at 19:00 the internationally famed Tenor Philipos Modinos will sing arias from famous Opera works.


Friday 23rd November at 19:00 the Duet Duo con enso della Musica (Letti Pappa-piano and Nikos Mpaxaridis-trumpet) will take us to musical paths with Blues and Tango.

  Σάββατο 24 Νοεμβρίου στις 18:00, Ομιλία: «Βαν Γκόγκ - Χαλεπάς ιδιοφυΐα και τρέλα»
Από τον Καθηγητή του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών κ. Μόνο Στεφανίδη.

Saturday 24th November at 19:00 the youth ensemble of stringed instruments Spira Minore will preform a classic repertoire.


On the same day at 21:00 the International Research Laboratorium of Preforming Arts Alma Kalma, will present the project PIETAS motivated by the poem of Sylvia Plath titled “Winter Trees”. The event deals the term “deforestation” through a spiritual sculpting approach , some times taking inspiration of the work of Michelangelo PIETA and other times producing abstract forms as a signifier in space.

Idea-Coordination: Giannis Mitou


Saturday night we will close with a musical dance party curated by the internationally known DJ Dest


Sunday 25th November at 19:00 we will enjoy swing and rock and roll rhythms with the musical ensemble Passa Tempo.