Honored Artist 2024 - OPY ZOUNI (1941-2008)

The space of contemporary art in Greece from the 60s onwards is "liberated" from the trends of realism, but also from the early aspects of modernism, offering ground to abstraction and its various versions. The pressure of materials in painting, the rise of subjectivism, as well as the obsession with its fundamental components brought about a creative renewal based on color, fluctuating shapes, pure geometric forms, scarce raw materials (creative memory of the post-Montrian era) and generally in the optimistic atmosphere, after the depressing period of the second world war.

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Deadline 20.12.2023

For the fourth time this year, the 7th edition of Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Fair (23-26 May, 2024) and the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece (PEEBE) is calling for young artists, up to 33 years of age, to participate in the MATAROA AWARDS.