Group exhibition by the Hellenic Diaspora Foundation

The "Hellenic Diaspora" Foundation, which for years has been taking care of the enormous artistic contribution of Greek artists in the international centers of the world, Paris, New York, London, etc. presents at Art Thessaloniki a section of sculptures and paintings declaring its quality and historical value of its collections. Monumental works both in size and importance are exhibited signatured by Takis, Peter Voulkos, Loukas Samaras, Jean Xceron, Chryssa, Theodoros Stamos, Kostas Koulentianos, Philolaos etc., which map a history of the modern, but which carries a completely Greek sign, Odysseus' journey outside the rules and boundaries.

But why the title Out of order - Beyond the border? Because both the specific creations and the above creators on the one hand transcended national borders and local schools to express in a universal language and, on the other hand, because they succeeded by struggling alone - but also unique - in often hostile environments. Ιt is therefore proved that the concept of classic works throughout time is not influenced by localities or ideologies. With this exhibition, at least as a sample, we show the so unknown, unfortunately, but also so important versions of what we call "Greek art" more widely, often outside the dominant norm.

P.S. The presented unit gives special importance to sculpture, the Greek art, which has been downgraded mainly for political reasons. The works of Filolaos (1923 - 2010), metal, design compositions and wooden reliefs, are a foretaste of the large retrospective exhibition which we are preparing next September in Larissa and to which the Foundation contributes his best works.