In a time of pandemics, political and economic upheaval, hope is needed, for a new beginning, for changes and a better world.

Like nothing else in the world, creating art can contribute to opening up new ways of seeing and thus making a noticeable improvement in the world. Without ideas, without imagination there is no future, no personal but also no economic and political future.

Artists, art brokers and collectors are already trying to make our world more diverse and open. Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Fair, from 23 to 26, May 2024, will be presenting its 7th edition again as the most dynamic cultural event in South East Europe. It is co-organized by the National Agency for The Organization of Exhibitions, Congresses and Cultural Events TIF-HELEXPO S.A and Pantelis Tsatsis, Founder and Art Director.

What makes Art-Thessaloniki so special? What makes it different from other art events?

Art-Thessaloniki, on one hand a marketing platform for galleries, art publishers and other institutions, on the other hand it is a cultural partner. First and foremost, the Art-Thessaloniki enables contacts for all participants at eye level. As a national, European and non-European partner, we not only enable intensive contacts with collectors who are often not present at the mainstream art fairs (e.g., from the Balkans, the Turkic states, from Russia or China and the USA). We offer by involving museums and trade associations, the invaluable direct exchange between the exhibitors about art and collecting activities.

Boost tourism: The fair can attract visitors from other countries to Thessaloniki, which can help boost the local economy through tourism. To provide a unique opportunity for attendees to discover new artists, view and purchase artwork and network with industry professionals.

The Fair includes educational programs and talks that can provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the art and the artists featured in the fair.

For galleries, Art-Thessaloniki Fair can provide a platform to showcase the work of their artists and connect with potential buyers and collectors.

For collectors, the Fair can be an opportunity to discover new artists and artworks (from MATAROA Awards and Independent Artists) and to connect with other collectors and industry professionals.

For artists, the Fair can be a chance to showcase their work to a wider audience and gain recognition.

Art Thessaloniki is right in the center of the town. TIF HELEXPO pavilions are located not far from the famous White Tower, near the attracting sea promenade.

For the 4rd year we continue the institutionalized MATAROA awards in collaboration with the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece (PEEVE). We give the opportunity to young artists, up to 33 years old, to exhibit in individual booths, after announcing an award competition. 10 artists will be selected, through a committee, who will present their work and will be given a 1st prize of 1500 euros and 2 distinctions of 700 euros.

Write us, get involved - we offer you, new positive experiences.

Pantelis Tsatsis
Art Director