Taking seriously the spread of COVID-19 and the serious risk of its spread, in order to protect the participants, galleries, artists, art-loving visitors, we decided in collaboration with TIF-HELEXPO the permanent organization of the Art Fair in the month of November.

We will have all the necessary precautionary measures while medical staff will be at the entrance of the building, throughout the event. We have designed corridors of 7 meters, with a separate entrance-exit, to avoid overcrowding in the stands 10-9-8 that cover 6000sqm.

For the 2nd time, the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece (PEEVE) in collaboration with Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair establishes the "MATAROA" award. (A new date for the collection of applications for artists will be given soon.) The Management of TIF-HELEXPO and the Artistic Director Pantelis Tsatsis with his team will continue to support Culture, Fine Arts and Creators, in order to change the artistic events at the SE end of Europe locally and internationally.

Our appointment is renewed for the 5th Art Thessaloniki Fair on November 25-28, 2021.