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  2. Application - Notice of Acceptance 
    These Terms and Conditions become effective only upon acceptance of Exhibitor’s application by the Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair Selection Board. In such case of acceptance, the terms and conditions will be immediately in effect through the entire term of Exhibitor’s participation in the Fair. Application Deadline: 20/09/2019. Notice of acceptance will commence after September 30, 2019. We need a short bio of the project, previous actions, description of the proposed project, artists who participate and photos 1-2MB.
    1. Projects entitled to apply are those with their own exhibition space and continuous exhibition activity through time.
    2. By submitting their Application, the Projects, if selected, are expressly bound to participate in Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair.
    3. All the Applications should be submitted through our online application.
    4. Only the Applications containing all the required information and the Additional Application Material will be examined by the Selection Board.
    5. After examining the Applications, the Selection Board reserves the right to confirm or decline acceptance in Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair. The Applicants will be contacted via e-mail, regarding the acceptance or non- acceptance of their Application.
  3. Stand
    The Exhibitor reserves the right to request a different stand size from the offered ones, but the Organizer is under no obligation to guarantee that the requested stand will be available.
    1. Upon Application submission, the Exhibitor does not have the ability to change the size of his stand.
    2. Upon participation acceptance and after informing the Exhibitor, the Organizer reserves the right to change the stand size for practical reasons.
    3. The Applicant may request a corner stand, accepting the extra charge. However, the Organizer is under no obligation to guarantee that the requested corner stand will be available.
    4. The Organizer is responsible for positioning the stands in the exhibition venue.
    5. The stand costs include: Stand construction (3.00 meters tall with 3  wooden surfaces in white). Basic stand lighting. 240W power supply. Basic lighting for the external wall. 24h guarding. Storage. Cleaning of all the common areas. Wireless Internet. Admission in the Art-Fair’s catalogue. 3 cost-free catalogues of the Art-Fair. 10 invitations for the Grand-Opening. 3 VIP invitations.
    6. The Organizer provides insurance for the artworks of the participants in Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair.
  4. Contract - Payment
    Should the Applicant be accepted by the Selection Board, the Exhibitor will receive a contract, which he/she is obliged to return all signed up till September 20, 2019 along with a payment of 50% of the total amount for his/her stand. The Exhibitor agrees to pay Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair in full for the stand or stands requested in his/her application at the applicable prices and deposits for the size requested, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
    1. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any Exhibitor, whose stand has not been paid in full by Monday, November 15/ 2019, will not be permitted to exhibit .
    2. After acceptance by the Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair Selection Board, exhibitors will be invoiced for the total amount. Uppon the acceptance of your Application, you should send the prototype of your Application to the following address:  P.Tsatsis, Art Thessaloniki, 113 Tsimiski, 54622, Thessaloniki, Greece 
      Payments 50% of the booth balance is due September 30, 2019.
      The remainder 50% is due November 15, 2019.​​​​

Upon the online Application Submission, you will receive via e-mail a copy of your Application, as it was submitted to us (without the Attached files). If you have any remaining questions, regarding the Application, please contact us:, tel (+30) 2310 291 117, (+30) 2310 291 141, mob. (+30) 694 690 7708

  1. Withdrawal and Cancellation
    Should the Exhibitor cancel their participation, they shall not be entitled to any reimbursement for the paid amounts.
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