Lina Tonia

The 5th Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair hosts this year the award-winning composer, as the world best of the year, Lina Tonia, who will present for the first time, at the opening, her new composition.

The work Ana(s)tassis for piano, was written by order of Ikia Garipis for Art Thessaloniki 2021, where it will be presented in the first world performance by Phoevos Filkas. Rapid harpsichord movements in the high area of the piano create the image of a beam of light persistently trying to penetrate the listener. Gradually these movements slow down leaving small melodic references through a harmonious world sometimes familiar and sometimes unknown, leaving the meaning of light in the dark in limbo.
Lina Tonia


Lina Tonia is a world-famous Greek composer, with more than 140 compositions related to music for opera, concerts, orchestra and works for smaller ensembles, many of which have been presented and awarded at international composition competitions in Paris, Vienna, London, in New York, Boston, Japan, Moscow, Weimar, Berlin, Edinburgh, Zagreb, Sofia, Plovdiv, Tirana, Thessaloniki and Athens. She was recently awarded the title of Composer of the Year 2020 at the New York International Music Awards by the Association of American Musicians, Singers and Performers. The international American magazine STARS Illustrated presented her in the list of the 100 most important people on the planet for the year 2020 among persons of art, science, politics and spectacle. She has been awarded by the President of the Hellenic Republic (2005), the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2007), the Hellenic Association of Music and Theater Critics (2008) and by the publishing companies Baerenreiter (2010) and Semper Piu (2014).

She has collaborated with the orchestras: Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Cergy Pontoise Symphony Orchestra, Jalas Chamber Orchestra, London Contemporary Sinfonietta, Baskent Chamber Orchestra, Cergy Pontoise Symphony Orchestra, Thessaloniki Orchestra, Thessaloniki Orchestra, Thessaloniki Orchestra Orchestra of Colors, National Opera, ERT National Symphony Orchestra, Athenian Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Since 2016 she has been teaching composition at the Department of Music Science and Art, at the University of Macedonia. Her works are published by the publishing house Universal Edition while her books in relation to the theory and harmony of music have been published by the publishing house Papagrigoriou - Nakas.

In 2017 she attended composition seminars at the IRCAM research center in Paris with Toshio Hosokawa. At the same time, Butterfly Effect's work for orchestra was recorded by the French Radio Orchestra. In 2018 she gave a talk on how to compose works as a guest composer, at the Takefu International Festival of Contemporary Music in Japan.

She studied Composition at the Department of Music Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with Professor Christos Samaras, continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Vienna with Professor Michael Jarrell, holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where she graduated with honors. She prepared postdoctoral research at the Department of Music Studies of AUTh on "Fugue as a composition technique" as a fellow of the AUTh Research Committee in 2013. She is a fellow of IKY for postdoctoral research on "Touching them space sounds. Analysis of universal music as it sounds from the planets Earth, Saturn and Jupiter "at the Department of Physics of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens with supervising professor Ioannis Daglis.