With the paint and the pen of Philhellene Painters and Travelers. Dedicated to the 200 years of the Greek revolution (1821-2021), which will present about 50 collectible lithographs from the first lithographic prints of the Philhellene painters Karl Krazeisen, Adam Friedel, Peter Von Hess, and European newspapers during the period 1821-1828.

Heroes for a day. Heroes for a year.

"For us Greeks, March 25th is a unique holiday that we honor and remember from our student years. And this is because on such a day we all become without exception, whether parading, reciting lyrics, or just participating in the festival, heroes for a day.
This year, in 2021, we celebrate the two hundred years of Polygenesis, of our national revolution. And this anniversary gives us the unique privilege to become, to feel like heroes, as much as anyone can, for a whole year. After all, we are their children and grandchildren.

Manos Stefanidis