Honored Artist - Yiannis Fokas

The 5th edition of Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair continues the institution of Honored Artist, presenting the visual artist and peer professor at ASKT Thessaloniki, Yiannis Fokas.

The artist's turn or rather his decision not to curtail his emerging relation with the images of experience may be stamping Yiannis Fokas' direct reaction to the spurs of everyday life. However, it should also be recognized as an attempt to meet with the new version of the world that has been established without our knowledge or because of our inactivity. He is rather more stimulated by the access, through the codes of art, to the various versions of the existence of things that are interspersed around us; codes which he turns in such a way so as to let new elements slip into and enrich our experience. This is why Yiannis Fokas' paintings have started to make their presence evident so explicitly!

Thessaloniki, March 2002
Harris Savvopoulos
Art Historian