George Lazogas - Single-Person Dialogue Circle

Single-Person Dialogue Circle:

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Pantelis Tsatsis

Art Director-Founder

Art Thessaloniki Fair


From the Ephemeral to the Eternal


George Lazogas (1945 Larissa)


Once we accept that art in all its forms is the totality of man's creative activities, which aim at the expression of his individuality, we inaugurate a series of one-person dialogues of important artists.


The work of George Lazogas through a realistic approach.

I chose to approach this very important artist, my very dear George Lazonga. I have to admit that at the moment I feel very satisfied that I have the opportunity to dedicate to all of you today's one-person dialogue, which we have inaugurated at the 5th Art Thessaloniki Fair (26-29 / 11/2020) for the two diametrically opposed concepts. ephemeral with the eternal.

I belong to the lucky ones that I met and that George accepted me in the magical place where he turned his ideas into works of art. There, this distinguished great artist discources with himself before each of his works, retaining the status of the gifted "Nomad Observer", the title that he attributes to himself.


Labouring and pioneering, George Lazogas handled at the same time with great ease different means of expression without betraying his starting point, the plan.

As an artist, Lazogas observes everyday life, assimilates it, enriches it with his original talent, in order to reproduce it authentic, ready for the viewer to interpret. Moving with natural comfort, with the method and rationality of the West and the unbridled creative imagination of the Orientalist, he maintains the skill of negotiating between the eternal and the ephemeral, the realistic, without excluding metaphysics, thus consistently rendering both substance and essence. of the general truth.


Lazoga's ingenuity, and especially his contact with architecture, enables him to use his tools to guide his individual experiences, composing an expressive form of condensed philosophy enriched by the symbolic stereotypes of his gifted personality.


George Lazogas' art is mainly an expression of the trace, whether it is visual or philosophical. It is worth paying attention to the strange materials that unite them furiously, seeking forms of historical inactivation, a characteristic example of which modern Greek art tends to follow, followed by poetry. His thought goes hand in hand with his hand and his painting does not lose its artistic control in its materials.


The finding of the erotic shroud-sheet seems to be a very successful dramatic confrontation, in a way unknown even to gifted Greek artists such as Takis, Chryssa, Akrithakis, whose authentic talent was expressed and taught the coming classes.


George Lazoga's research can easily be traced back to the experiential experiences of a pressing reflection on the content of the concepts of order and harmony before their alignment with the structure and meaning of things. This is because his concerns are fueled by the fullness of balance, the result of his deep architectural knowledge.


The spiritual dimension of George's emotional horizon leaves no room for doubt, the measures and weights of a completely personal aesthetic are filtered. This is what allows him to at least discover the essence of the expressive process. In fact, it is a confrontation with the resistance of the unspoken in his artistic expression, for the tracing of the nuances that mark the verbal components of the image.

"Doubt is the matrix of evolution," the Utopianists aptly claimed at the time of the Enlightenment.


On a personal level as the creator of the 5th Art Thessaloniki, I believe, without a doubt, that the core of Lazoga's works, in addition to the eloquence of the design and the interpretive reductions, is found in the standards of antiquity and their dynamic interpretation. Low-key, enigmatic and irritating plans not so much for the content of their subject matter but mainly for the optimistic message of quality that the distinguished artistic skill of George Lazogas emits.


My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,


I feel that through the unprecedented communication cycle of Art Thessaloniki Fair's one-person dialogues, we are launching our own interpersonal path into the art world.


A mechanism for maximizing the quality of artistic result by using the possibilities of innovation