Artistic dialogue between:Mr. Demosthenes Davvetas and Mr. Liang Yi

The specific project is an artistic dialogue between Mr. Demosthenes Davvetas and Mr. Liang Yi. They both met a year ago in Hangzhou and, through their conversations, the desire for a common Greek - Chinese cultural action was born. Demosthenes Davvetas spoke on behalf of his famous book on the 3rd century BC on the title: “ Questions of the king Milinda”. Because of the book, a spiritual Greek-Chinese dialogue begun.


Liang Yi got excited and both agreed on the creation of art works that would be held on this direction. Those art works will be presented on the Art Fair Thessaloniki, on the 25 of December, at noon.


On the same time, there will be a performance in China, in the Confucius Temple (which was, also, his home), and, after that, on November in Greece. Their art works will be of multiple sizes and of mixed technique.