The International Watercolor Society (IWS) is a non-profit organization which was established in more than 100 countries all over the world with the goal to promote the world’s oldest and most deeply rooted painting technique; the art of watercolor.


IWS partners this year with the 4th Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, the most significant art fair in Southeastern Europe to extend an invitation to watermedia artists in Greece, on the occasion of the opening of its Greek branch. The vision of the Greek branch, as well as the international association it represents respectably, is to promote watercolor locally and internationally, as well as to enhance the presence, partnership and support of visual artists for whom watercolor is a main means of expression. We subscribe to the vision of IWS Founder Mr. Atanur Dogan "Our goal is to promote peace through the use of art. The common language of all people in the world." In 2019 we set off on journey to promote contemporary watercolor and wonderful Greek established, emerging, and high potential artists within and outside Greek boundaries. Our vision is to strengthen the scene of contemporary watercolor painting in locally, while at the same time promoting Greek artists worldwide, through collaboration and partnership.

IWS Greece Leader: Fotis Kllogjeri

IWS Greece co-Reprecsentative: Paris Kapralos

In the 4th Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair IWS Globe is presenting the works of 20 renowned watercolor artists from all over the world: Guan Weixing, Atanur Dogan, Asuman Dogan, Amit Kapoor, LaFe, Aood Ampawa, Tawee Kesangam, Besnik Xhemaili, Nader Mohazabnia, Tere Lojero, Olga Litvinenko, Teresa Jorda Vito, Elke Memmler, Agus Budiyanto, You Mee Park, Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey, Silvia Monge, Isabel Alosete, Hong Shan, Jansen Chow. They will be joined by 32 selected Greek watercolor artists who will show their works: John Adamantides, Dimitris Asteriou, Costas Vlachopoulos, Giorgos Vouros, Violeta Gazea, Giannis Yigourtakis, Christina Goumourian, Veroniki Damianidou, Zoi Daskalou, Giannis Efthimiadis, Thetis Ioannou, Angela Karali, Iliostalakti Kondou, Thomai Kondou, Dimitra Lampretsa, Magda Mademli, Valentini Mavrodoglou, Konstantina Mina, Pavlos Michailidis, Theodora Barda, Napoleana Nanouli, Valentini Pandeleou, Giorgos Saltaferos, Odysseas Selios, Costas Schnippering, Mika Symvoulidou, Nikolaos Synodis, Elsa Charalambous, Nikos Chiotinis, Giorgos Chronopoulos, Foti Kllogjeri, Julia Zilbert.

https://iwsgreeceofficial.blogspot.com, iwsglobe.org