Giannis Kolaxizis

Modern urban culture practices power upon art and the artists (or at least it tries). The current urban societies handle the artistic work, mainly, as merchandises and, barely, as products of intellectual creation and cultural deposit.

The significance of “sale”, directly or indirectly, is almost always imposed in the intellectual as much as in the creative activity of art.


The artist, in order to communicate his/her art, should close in a “parcel of projection and sale” the named Project (honestly, which would be the right term in Greek?).

The project, today, seems to be the vehicle with which the urban societies seek to self-eliminate the artist’s individual entity. For this reason, when the current artist includes his/her own creativity in a project, then he/she does not exist, only, for the artistic creation but, mainly, for the “purchase”.


This “market” attends, cleverly to create, in the artist, the hallucination of artistic expression and social attendance, so that it sooths his/her innate revolutionary disposal.

Having in mind all of the above, six artists from different and, particularly, from philosophical background, meet in a action and converse figuratively, so they can share with the public, their thoughts and psychosynthesis, disputing and decomposing, simultaneously, (as long as they can) the role of the PROJECT. Each one creates his/her own artistic proposal, according to their own course of expression and creation to a NO PROJECT project!

Artists: Triantopoulou Ageliki, Belogiannis Dimitrios, Movsesian Evaggelia, Kolaxidis Ioannis, Papadopoulou Maria, Kountouri Paraskevi.