Petka Tikva Museum of Art

Recurrence: Rituals, Place, and History
Curators: Drorit Gur Arie, Sania Papa
The show brings together works by Paris-based Israeli artist Yosef-Joseph Yaakov Dadoune and works by Israeli based Shahar Marcus, some created in collaboration with Turkish artist Nezaket Ekici. These intriguing personal voices in contemporary video-art reveal an affinity with the realms of ritual, symbolism, and cosmological cyclicality of life and death.

Their works reflect a generation of young video artists who have devised a variety of strategies for approaching the harsh, polarized reality surrounding them. The videos respond to one stratum or more in the multi-layered structure of identity, whether the individual, public, cultural, historic, or political. They appropriate forms, symbols, objects, and sites directly from the physical landscape, often transforming them into subtle political commentary. Shahar Marcus employs humor as a tool for deconstructing history's explosive potential, while Yosef-Joseph Yaakov Dadoune’s personal poetry exemplifies the work of mourning, in an attempt to come to terms with the violence of history, the violence of social hardship, or simply—the interpersonal violence so prevalent in our region.

Reconstruction and repetition, a cyclic human state of struggle, construction and destruction, a fusion of reality, speculation, and fiction anchored in the fascinating relationship between ritual, place, and history—all these are at the core of "Recurrence." Viewed together, the works present a spectacular, stylized, and eye-pleasing manifestation of violence. Eros and Thanatos are thus bound together in a Gordian knot.